Gold Monthly Plan 150

£99.00 on the 1st of each month with a 30-day free trial

First payment: April 1, 2018



What is included in the Plan 150 Gold:

  • Included are 150 negotiations / documents on the Negotiation Management Platform. Supporting documents uploaded to negotiations are not included in the allocation.
  • Unlimited teams and users can be added to work with each document on the negotiating platform.
  • Included is one hour of free virtual negotiation consultation per month. Additional hours charged at £80 per hour. Sometimes you just need an independant referee / sounding board.
  • Cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Log into your account to make changes to your subscription.

START Invite and build your teams in a matter of minutes.

ORGANISE Centralize all your supporting documents in one place.

CONTROL No matter how dynamic the negotiations gets, easily keep up with the current offer on the table and skip the kaleidoscope of changes.

TRACK Avoid accidental or intentional changes to a final document by alerting all team members and recording the user, timestamp and IP address any time a change is made.

AUDIT Easily access a complete audit trail of all actions taken during the negotiation that can be used for reference, arbitration or litigation.

SIMPLIFY Making the Process Simple, Safe and Secure: Both the desire to negotiate and the tendency to err make us human. Our mission is to cut through the confusion and give everyone equal access to a fair outcome.

ELIMINATE Our cloud-based platform eliminates room for error, alleviates frustration and provides a level playing field and equal access to everyone involved.