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Trokt UK is a cloud-based platform that enables you to communicate clearly and effectively with all of your stakeholders.

Whether it is a contractor negotiating a quote or a customer wanting to discuss terms or reporting an issue, Trokt provides an open and manageable flow of communication.

Trokt UK enables:

  • negotiate customer, staff and supplier contractor agreements and licences.
  • advise updates to licences in real time and have the changes agreed virtually immediately.
  • conflict resolution management between work teams and even contractor disputes
  • your stakeholders to report issues using the Trokt Tracker app on their phone or a web form from any computer.
  • staff reporting and updating workplace health and safety or award conditions issues
  • real time tracking of issues with email alerts when anything changes
  • group input into decisions impacting on general business and industrial relations matters
  • (NEW FEATURE COMING SOON) burst notifications to Trokt Tracker app users

Features of the platform are

  • report issues using the Trokt Tracker app on their phone or a web form from any computer
  • include in real time in the negotiations your accounts, legal, team manager, GM.
  • provide for secure and time sensitive document uploading of specifications to contractors.
  • relevant documents and information in one place and available to every one at the same time.
  • real time status of the approval process showing the progress of negotiations made to- date.
  • robust evidence of what has been agreed throughout the process.
  • team members are updated automatically by email whenever any changes are made.


  • Speeds up the negotiation process by not relying on emails back and forth between all members of your team.
  • Reduce the cost of meetings and consultations as agreements are negotiated in real time and are available for your team to give their input into private notes beside the relevant paragraph.
  • Reduces the risk of human errors and miscommunication.
  • Documents and notes are audit-able and accountable for future reference.

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