Local authorities solutions

Trokt UK is a cloud-based platform that enables you to communicate clearly and effectively with all of your stakeholders. Whether it is negotiating an agreement with a contractor or a resident reporting an issue, Trokt provides an open and manageable flow of communication.

Trokt UK enables:

  • your residents to report issues using the Trokt Tracker app on their phone or a web form from any computer
  • staff reporting and updating workplace health and safety or award conditions issues
  • tracking of reported issues and be sent email alerts to keep them fully updated
  • individual issue reporting by staff to their line manager.
  • Group input into decisions impacting on council matters.
  • Conflict resolution management between the Council and residents.


  • ability to quickly and easily add all stakeholders to system. accounts, legal, maintenance, GM, Supervisors.
  • open and transparent consultation and negotiation among all parties.
  • all relevant documents and information in one place and available to every one at the same time.
  • real time status of the approval process showing the progress made to-date.
  • Robust evidence of what has been agreed throughout the process.


  • transparent and efficient decision making and resolution for all stakeholders.
  • reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication.
  • creates a robust and easy to manage version control of all documents and relevant notes.
  • empowers all stakeholders in an inclusive decision making process.
  • reduced potential for perceived discrimination.
  • easy reference to decisions and amendments already made as an agreement is processed through to conclusion.

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