Local authorities solutions

Trokt is a cloud-based platform that keeps all communication around any law, regulation, policy, contract, issue, alternative dispute or restorative justice effort in one easy to use platform.

Any participant can securely access and participate in any open city action from anywhere at any time using any device with all the relevant information directly at their fingertips.

Your community has expertise that can not make it to council meetings

When highly skilled residents have demanding jobs, they can not contribute to the community on a traditional schedule.

Trokt Tracker increases access to local authority for its residents by helping an authority:

  • put local laws, regulations, and policies in the palm of each resident’s hand.
  • enable collaboration on policies and resolutions among under-engaged communities.
  • ensure transparency around contracting and procurement efforts.
  • receive and track issues submitted by residents that require resolution so that nothing gets lost.
  • avoid or reduce public safety and social care costs by addressing issues using alternative dispute resolution tools and techniques.
  • develop transparent and accessible action plans for implementing agreed resolutions.

So you can represent all of your residents, all of the time.

Mistakes are costly – so Trokt makes sure you don’t make them

Eliminate mistakes using the only negotiation management platform that allows you to track the history of every collaboratively developed document from start to finish. For one low monthly fee, make all of your current and future documents available to all of your community for reference, comment and collaboration – so that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • conflict resolution management between Council Teams and even neighbour disputes
  • your residents to report issues using the Trokt Tracker app on their phone or a web form from any computer. This can be used for social workers, fostering, property, or any areas the Council manages
  • staff reporting and updating workplace health and safety or award conditions issues
  • real time tracking of issues with email alerts when anything changes
  • individual issue reporting by staff to their line manager
  • group input into decisions impacting on council business and industrial relations matters

Features of the platform are the

  • ability to quickly and easily add all stakeholders to an issue logged in the system Accounts, Legal, Maintenance, GM, Supervisors.
  • open and transparent consultation and negotiation among all parties
  • relevant documents and information in one place and available to every one at the same time
  • real time status of the approval process showing the progress made to-date
  • robust evidence of what has been agreed throughout the process

Authority benefits

      • by transparent and efficient decision making and resolution for all stakeholders
      • include reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication
      • by creating a robust and easy to manage version control of all documents and relevant notes
      • through empowering all stakeholders in an inclusive decision making process
      • due to reduced potential for perceived discrimination
      • by easy reference to decisions and amendments already made as an agreement is processed through to conclusion
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